Other GEOC Responsibilities

1. GEOC members are maybe be asked to assist with the Provost’s Competition by distributing the call for proposals to colleagues and/or serving as a member of the proposal review committee.

The competition is designed “to promote the ongoing enhancement, innovation, improvement, and academic rigor of the content and teaching of UConn’s General Education curriculum.” Since 2004, this grant program has tremendously enriched UConn’s General Education program and simultaneously the overall undergraduate program.

2. GEOC members may be required to help conduct an Assessment of General Education Courses as requested by the Provost’s Office or as determined by current needs and issues.

3. The GEOC is responsible for the implementation of the annual Course Alignment Project.

4. GEOC may often review and consider broader curricular policy and procedure, especially as it relates to General Education. In the past, this has included review of and input on the newly proposed General Education curriculum (2018-2021), or policy and procedure related to the intensive session course format.

4. Other responsibilities as determined.  (This may include, but not be limited to, hosting a GEOC Car Wash to raise awareness of the importance of general education at UConn or taking care of the GEOC goldfish for a week in order to more clearly understand the concept of responsibility.  Okay…so we’re kidding, but we want to leave the possibilities open.)