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Other GEOC Responsibilities

1. GEOC members are responsible for assisting with the Provost’s Competition.  The competition is designed “to promote the ongoing enhancement, innovation, improvement, and academic rigor of the content and teaching of UConn’s General Education curriculum.

Since 2004, this grant program has tremendously enriched UConn’s General Education program and simultaneously the overall undergraduate program.  In Spring 2014, the Provost’s General Education Course Enhancement Grant Competition was held for the tenth time. A total of twelve proposals were received and three of those were funded.

2. GEOC members may be required to help conduct Assessment of General Education Courses as requested by the Provost’s Office.  The Assessment project for the Fall 2014 is TBD.

3. The GEOC is responsible for the implementation of the annual Course Alignment Project.  The next phase will begin in the Fall 2014 for select courses under the following designations: ANTH, BIOL SCI (BIOL, MCB, EEB, PNB), SLHS, CE, CHEG, DGS, DIET, DRAM, EDCI, EGEN, GEOG, HEJS, MKTG, MT, PHIL, SCI, and URBN.

4. Other responsibilities as determined.  (As with most other jobs, this phrase is in here purely to allow management to add to the GEOC’s content area and competency-related responsibilities as they see fit.  This may include, but not be limited to, hosting a GEOC Car Wash to raise awareness of the importance of general education at UConn or taking care of the GEOC goldfish for a week in order to more clearly understand the concept of responsibility.  Okay…so this probably will never happen, but we want to leave the possibility open.)