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GEOC Members

2017-2018 Committee Members

Eric Schultz, Chair

Joseph Abramo, CA4 – Diversity and Multiculturalism
Lisa Blansett, First-Year Writing (Ex-Officio)
Michael Bradford, CA1 – Arts and Humanities
Brenda Brueggemann, First-Year Writing (Ex-Officio)
Baki Cetegen, TBD
James Cole, Quantitative Competency
Michael Darre, Senate C&C Committee (Ex-Officio)
Ana Maria Diaz-Marcos, Second Language (Spring only)
Arthur Engler, Writing Competency
Debarchana Ghosh, CA2 – Social Sciences
Beth Ginsberg, Writing Competency
Bernard Goffinet, CA3 – Science & Technology
David Gross, Quantitative Competency
Alvaro Lozano-Robledo, Quantitative Center (ex-Officio)
Thomas Meyer, CA3 – Science & Technology
Michael Morrell, CA2 – Social Sciences
Gustavo Nanclares, CA1 – Arts and Humanities
Anji Seth, Information Literacy
Kathleen Tonry, Writing Center
Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, CA4 – Diversity and Multiculturalism
Manuela Wagner, Second Language Competency

TBD, Undergraduate Representative

– CA1 subcommittee members needed

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