Course Approval Process

ALL* courses are now submitted via the Senate Course Action Request (CAR) Form. Courses are routed to appropriate committees through the online system. For any questions about this system or the approval process, please contact Cheryl Galli in the Senate Office.

*The one exception is Intersession/Intensive Session course requests. If a department wishes to offer a General Education course in an intensive session of four weeks or less, they must complete the Intensive Session Request Form and email it along with all requested syllabi to

Click here to view the GEOC Course Proposal Workflow Chart.

Please consult the Registrar’s website for catalog and PeopleSoft deadlines as well as other course request guidelines:
Course Approval Process
Course Effective Dates

GEOC is tasked with reviewing courses only after they have received department and college-level approval, which can be a lengthy process.

In order for GEOC to review courses in time for the catalog copy deadline (February 5), GEOC should receive proposals by October 1 (with all department and college approvals). Please note that some proposals are sent back for revision, which prolongs the approval process. Because approvals depend on committee workloads, faculty workloads, and other uncontrollable factors, we cannot guarantee that any course will be fully approved to meet catalog or offering deadlines. Submit courses as early as possible for the best chance of timely approval.