Approved Gen Ed Courses

Lists of Approved Courses

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(*Note: Approved Environmental Literacy courses have been added to the lists under the category  “LITE – Environmental”)

If you need access to the proposal for a General Education course, please email Karen McDermott (formerly Piantek). Course proposals will no longer be posted online.

Gen Ed Courses Approved for Intensive Sessions

The following courses have been approved for teaching in the Intersessions/Intensive Sessions (sessions of four weeks or less).  No additional GEOC review is necessary.

Course Number and Title
AFRA 3132 African American Women Playwrights; CA1, CA4
ANTH 1000 Other People’s Worlds; CA2, CA4-INT
ANTH 1006 Introduction to Anthropology; CA2, CA4-INT
ANTH 1500 Great Discoveries in Archaeology; CA2, CA4-INT
ANTH 2000 Social Anthropology; CA2, CA4
ARE 3440W Writing in Environmental and Resource Policy; W (enrollment cap 9)
ART 1000 Art Appreciation; CA1
ARTH 1137 Introduction to Art History I; CA1
CAMS 1102  Roman Civilization; CA1
CAMS 1103 Classical Mythology; CA1
CHIN 3270 Chinese Film; CA1, CA4-INT
CLCS 1002 Reading Between the Arts; CA1
CLCS 1110 Introduction to Film Studies; CA1
CLCS 2201 Intercultural Competency towards Global Perspectives; CA1, CA4-INT
COMM 1000 The Process of Communication; CA2
DRAM 1101 Introduction to Theatre; CA1
DRAM 1110 Introduction to Film; CA1
DRAM 2134 Honors Core: Analyzing Sport as Performance; CA1
DRAM 3132 African American Women Playwrights; CA1, CA4
ECON 1000 Essentials of Economics; CA2
ECON 1201 Principles of Microeconomics; CA2
ECON 1202 Principles of Macroeconomics; CA2
ECON 3466E Environmental Economics; EL
EDLR 2001 Contemporary Social Issues in Sport; CA4
ENGL 2401 Poetry; CA1
ENGL 2405 Drama; CA1
ENGL 2407 The Short Story; CA1
EPSY 1830 Critical and Creative Thinking in the Movies; CA2
FREN 1171 French Cinema; CA1, CA 4-INT
FREN 1177 Magicians, Witches and Wizards: Parallel Beliefs and Popular Culture in France from the      Middle Ages to the 21st century; CA1, CA4-INT
GEOG 1000 Introduction to Geography; CA2
GEOG 1200 The City in the Western Tradition; CA1
GEOG 1700 World Regional Geography; CA2, CA4-INT
GEOG 2000 Globalization; CA2, CA4-INT
GEOG 2100 Economic Geography; CA2
GEOG 2400 Introduction to Sustainable Cities; CA2, CA4-Int, EL
GSCI 1000E The Human Epoch: Living in the Anthropocene; CA3, EL
GSCI 1051 Earth and Life Through Time; CA3
GSCI 1052 Laboratory Earth and Life Through Time; CA3; students who complete both GSCI 1051 and GSCI 1052 may request GSCI 1051 be converted from a CA3 Non-laboratory to a CA3 Laboratory course.
HDFS 1060 Close Relationships Across the Lifespan; CA2
HDFS 1070 Individual and Family Development; CA2
HDFS 2001 Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family Sciences; CA4
HIST 1201 Modern World History; CA1
HIST 1300 The Roots of the Western Experience; CA1
HIST 1400 Modern Western Traditions; CA1
HIST 1502 United States History Since 1877; CA1
HIST 2210E History of the Ocean; CA1, EL
HIST 2206 Introduction to the History of Science; CA1
HIST 3554 Immigrants and the Shaping of U.S. History; CA1, CA4
HIST/LLAS 3635 Mexico in the 19th and 20th Century; CA1, CA4
HRTS 1007 Introduction to Human Rights; CA2, CA4-INT
LING 1010 Language and Mind; CA-1
LING 1030 The Diversity of Languages; CA2, CA4
LING 2010Q The Science of Linguistics; CA3, Q
LLAS 1190 Perspectives on Latin America; CA2, CA4-INT
LLAS/SOCI 3525 Latino Sociology; CA2, CA4
LLAS/HIST 3635 Mexico in the 19th and 20th Century; CA1, CA4
MATH 1020Q Problem Solving; Q
MATH 1030Q Elementary Discrete Mathematics; Q
MATH 1040Q Elementary Mathematical Modeling; Q
MATH 1060Q Precalculus; Q
MATH 1070Q Mathematics for Business and Economics; Q
MATH 1071Q Calculus for Business and Economics; Q
MUSI 1001 Music Appreciation; CA1
NRE 1000E Environmental Science; CA3, EL
NUSC 1165 Fundamentals of Nutrition; CA3
NUSC 1167 Food, Culture and Society; CA4-INT
PHIL 1102 Philosophy and Logic, CA1
POLS 1002 Introduction to Political Theory; CA1
POLS 1202 Introduction to Comparative Politics; CA2, CA4-INT
POLS 1207 Introduction to Non-Western Politics; CA2, CA4-INT
POLS 1402 Introduction to International Relations; CA2, CA4-INT
POLS 1602 Introduction to the American Political Process; CA2
POLS 2072Q Quantitative Analysis in Political Science; Q
POLS 3208 Politics of Oil; CA2
PP 1001 Introduction to Public Policy; CA2
PP 3020W Cases in Public Policy; W
SLHS 1150 Communication Disorders; CA2, CA4
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology; CA2
SOCI 1501 Race, Class, and Gender; CA2
SOCI 2310 Introduction for Criminal Justice; CA2, CA4
SOCI/LLAS 3525 Latino Sociology; CA2, CA4
SPAN 1010 Contemporary Spanish Culture and Society through Film; CA1, CA4-INT
SPAN 1020 Intersections of Art, Fashion, Film, and Music in Modern Spain; CA1, CA4-INT
STAT 1000Q Introduction to Statistics; Q
STAT 1100Q Elementary Concepts of Statistics; Q
URBN 1300 Exploring Your Community; CA2, CA4
WGSS 1105 Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life; CA2, CA4

Provisionally Approved

The following courses have been provisionally approved for teaching in the intensive sessions. Intersession Evaluation forms are required from EACH instructor teaching a provisionally approved Gen Ed course in EACH intensive session.  Failure to submit evaluation forms will result in the department being unable to offer the course again in a future intensive session by any instructor on any campus. Intersession Evaluation Forms are reviewed by the GEOC and the relevant subcommittees.

ANTH 3401 World Religions; CA1, CA4-INT
FREN 1169 Modernity in Crisis: France and the Francophone World From 1850 to Today; CA1, CA4-INT
HIST 3674/LLAS 3220 History of Latino/as in the US; CA1, CA4