Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is GEOC? The General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) is a subcommittee of the Senate Curricula and Courses Committee. GEOC members are faculty and students from all over the university who work together to review courses for inclusion in the new general education system and to oversee the implementation of the new system.

Why do we have new General Education requirements? In May, 2003, the University Senate approved the General Education Guidelines which state: “The purpose of general education is to ensure that all University of Connecticut undergraduate students become articulate and acquire intellectual breadth and versatility, critical judgment, moral sensitivity, awareness of their era and society, consciousness of the diversity of human culture and experience, an a working understanding of the process by which they can continue to acquire and use knowledge.”

With changes in technology, society and the world, educational needs change. The concept of General Education aids in the development of students as citizens and scholars. It also allows the student to explore various topics to enhance their major field of study.

How do Gen Ed requirements work for Double Majors? If you are a current student adding a major or a new student with a double major, you must complete all the requirements for each major, including the advanced competency requirements. In some cases, one course may work for both majors. Your advisor can help with this.

If I change majors, will the classes I already took count towards my requirements?   In most cases, the courses will count.  In situations where a student has taken a course that he or she believes should count towards Ged Ed requirements but that course has not been certified, the student can petition the Dean of his or her school or college.  Deans have been authorized to make substitutions to the Gen Ed requirements.

How do I know if a course fulfills a general education requirement? All the courses approved to date can be found here. You may also send specific questions to .

I have a lot of questions? Who can help me? Start with your advisor.  You may also contact the GEOC office, .