Group Three – Science and Technology

Definition of Science and Technology for General Education:

These courses acquaint students with scientific thought, observation, experimentation, and formal hypothesis testing, and enable students to consider the impact that developments in science and   technology have on the nature and quality of life. Knowledge of the basic vocabulary of science and technology is a prerequisite for informed assessments of the physical universe and of technological developments.


Courses appropriate to this category should:

1. Explore an area of science or technology by introducing students to a broad, coherent body of knowledge and contemporary scientific or technical methods;

2. Promote an understanding of the nature of modern scientific inquiry, the process of investigation, and the interplay of data, hypotheses, and principles in the development and application of scientific knowledge;

3. Introduce students to unresolved questions in some area of science or technology and discuss how progress might be made in answering these questions; and

4. Promote interest, competence, and commitment to continued learning about contemporary science and technology and their impact upon the world and human society.

Laboratory courses in this category must teach fundamental principles of the biological and/or physical sciences through hands-on participation.