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Second Language Competency

Definition of Second Language Competency:

Second-language competency prepares students for the increasingly multilingual challenges involved in exchanges of goods and ideas and for effective participation in local, regional and  global affairs. It is thus an integral component of both liberal and practical education that contributes to students’ ability to communicate in both a second language and in their native language as well as to their awareness of the diversity of human cultures and languages.

The broad benefits of learning and using a second language can be obtained from the study of any one  of a variety of languages: ancient or modern, written or spoken, less or more widely taught, verbal or sign.

Entry Expectations:

The admission requirement for second language skills is two years of study in a second language in high school or the equivalent. Students are strongly encouraged, however, to take three or more years of the same second language by the time they complete high school.

Exit Requirements:

Students meet the minimum requirement if admitted to the University having passed the third-year level of a single second language in high school, or the  equivalent. When the years of study have been split between high school and earlier grades, the requirement is met if students have successfully completed the  third-year high school-level course. With anything less than that, students must pass the second course in the first-year sequence of college level study.