GEOC Subcommittee Members

2022-2023 Academic Year

Please note that subcommittee membership may change.

CA1 Arts & Humanities
Kelly Dennis (ART & ARTH), Co-Chair – FALL ONLY
Pending, Co-Chair
Dwight Codr (ENGL)
Carrie Eaton (NURS)
Anna Lindeman (DMD)
Polya Tocheva (Law Library)
Daniela Weiser (DRAM)

CA2 Social Sciences
Robert Day (BUSN), Co-Chair
Mary Donegan (URBN), Co-Chair
David Atkin (COMM)
Kenneth Lachlan (COMM)

CA3 Science & Technology
Ali Gokirmak (ECE), Co-Chair
Annelie Skoog (MARN), Co-Chair
Andy Jolly-Ballantine (GEOG), Co-Chair
David Perry (PHYS)
Peter Schweitzer (PHYS)

CA4 Diversity & Multiculturalism
Sherry Zane (WGSS), Co-Chair
David Embrick (SOCI), Co-Chair
Richard Dunn (ARE), Co-Chair
Anne Borsai Basaran (COMM)
Sarah DeCapua (ENGL)
Jane Gordon (POLS)

Lori Gresham (PSYC), Co-Chair
Oliver Hiob (ENGL), Co-Chair
Ariana Codr (WGSS)
Jason Courtmanche (ENGL)
Beth Ginsberg (POLS)
Heon Jeon (ENGL)

Keith Conrad (MATH), Co-Chair
Sara Stifano (COMM), Co-Chair
Matthew Badger (MATH)
Robert Lupton (POLS)
Jennifer Tufts (SLHS)

Information Literacy (Dormant)
Co-Chair TBD
Co-Chair TBD

Environmental Literacy
Morty Ortega (NRE), Co-Chair
Elle Ouimet (ANTH), Co-Chair
Marina Astitha (CE)
Syma Ebbin (ARE)
Janet Pritchard (ART & ARTH)
Robert Thorson (GSCI)
Friedemann Weidauer (LCL)

Second Language
Eduardo Urios-Aparisi (LCL), Co-Chair
Anne Gebelein (El Instituto), Co-Chair

* Currently seeking new CA1, CA2, W, and Second Language subcommittee members.