CCC+ Subcommittee Members

2022-2023 Academic Year

Please note that subcommittee membership may change.

TOI 1: Creativity: Design, Expression, Innovation
Tim Folta, MENT (*Co-Chair)
Jorge Paricio Garcia, ENGR (*Co-Chair)
Adrienne Macki, DRAM (*Co-Chair)
Daniela Weiser (DRAM)

TOI 2: Cultural Dimensions of Human Experiences
Scott Campbell, ENGL (*Co-Chair)
Gustavo Nanclares, LCL (*Co-Chair)
Anne Borsai Basaran, COMM (*Co-Chair)
Polya Tocheva (Law Library)

TOI 3: Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice
David Embrick, SOCI/AFRA (*Co-Chair)
Sherry Zane, WGSS (*Co-Chair)
Carrie Eaton, NURS (*Co-Chair)
Howard Fisher, ENGL
Sarah DeCapua, ENGL

TOI 4: Environmental Literacy (Formerly E)
Andrew Jolly-Ballantine, GEOG (*Co-Chair)
Emma Bojinova, ARE (*Co-Chair)
Syma Ebbin, ARE
Barbara Gurr, WGSS
Janet Pritchard, ART & ARTH
Robert Thorson, GSCI
Friedemann Weidauer, LCL

TOI 5: Individual Values and Social Institutions
Mary Donegan, URBN (*Co-Chair)
Tom Deans, ENGL (*Co-Chair)
David Atkin (COMM)

TOI 6: Science and Empirical Inquiry
Ali Gokirmak, ENGR (*Co-Chair)
Erin Scanlon, PHYS (*Co-Chair)
Erin Rizzie, MATH (*Co-Chair)

Lori Gresham, PSYC (*Co-Chair)
Oliver Hiob, ENGL (*Co-Chair)
Anne Borsai Basaran, COMM
Sharon Casavant, NURS
Elaine Choung-Hee Lee, KINS
Ariana Codr, WGSS
Jason Courtmanche, ENGL
Danielle Gilman, FYW
Beth Ginsberg, POLS
John Redden, PNB

Keith Conrad MATH, (*Co-Chair)
Sara Stifano COMM, (*Co-Chair)
Matthew Badger, MATH
Robert Lupton, POLS
Jennifer Tufts, SLHS

Second Language
Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, LCL (*Co-Chair)
Anne Gebelein, El Instituto (*Co-Chair)

“Plus” Members
Registrar’s Office – Marc Hatfield AND Carl Rivers  with Hatfield as voting member
Advising Office – Erin Ciarimboli
Provost’s Office – Jeffrey Shoulson
CLAS Enrollment – Mansour Ndaiye

* Currently seeking subcommittee members for all TOIs!

CA1 Arts & Humanities (Sunsetting)
Carrie Eaton (NURS)
Polya Tocheva (Law Library)
Daniela Weiser (DRAM)

CA2 Social Sciences (Sunsetting)
David Atkin (COMM)
Kenneth Lachlan (COMM)

CA3 Science & Technology (Sunsetting)
David Perry (PHYS)
Peter Schweitzer (PHYS)

CA4 Diversity & Multiculturalism (Sunsetting)
Anne Borsai Basaran (COMM)
Sarah DeCapua (ENGL)
Jane Gordon (POLS)