Faculty Forms

Please use the online Course Action Request (CAR) form to add, revise, or delete/drop any course.

Add Course: Select this option on the form to propose new courses that are not yet in the catalog. This may include adding W or non-W versions of existing courses. (Note: To add general education content areas to an existing course, please select “Revise Course” on the form.) Remember to upload a course syllabus.

Revise Course: Select this option to propose changes to existing courses that require edits to the catalog copy. This includes, but may not be limited to, 1) adding general education content areas to an existing course, 2) changing a course title or description, and/or 3) changing course prerequisites, co-requisites, or recommended preparation.  Please note, even if the change you propose appears to be “minor,” all fields of the form, including those for general education, MUST be fully completed. Failure to provide sufficient information or explanation may hold up the approval of your course. Remember to upload a course syllabus.

Delete/Drop Course: Select this option to remove courses that will no longer be offered. These courses will be removed from the catalog.

**IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE: Even if you are submitting a course for a “minor” revision (e.g. Title change, description revision, etc) all required fields on the CAR form must be fully completed before GEOC will review the course.  This allows the GEOC to collect a comprehensive record of all course actions as well as “spot-check” older courses to be sure they are still in line with General Education guidelines.  Thorough review of a course when it is submitted for revision will allow the GEOC waive it from review when your department is up for alignment.

** IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE: If you are adding or revising a W course, please review the W guidelines posted here: http://geoc.uconn.edu/writing-competency/. Pay special attention to the section on Criteria. The W subcommittee checks to be sure that all of these items are met (i.e. that the syllabus explicitly states the number of pages required, that it states the student must pass the W portion of the course to pass the class, that it details how writing instruction and revision will be incorporated into the course, etc). Failure to include evidence of all of these items frequently holds up course approvals, so please make sure that you have all of these items covered to avoid a delay in your approval. If you have any questions about W requirements, you can contact the W subcommittee co-chairs for more information.

Please take the time to complete the CAR form thoroughly and accurately.  If you are uncertain about the General Education guidelines, they can be found here: http://geoc.uconn.edu/geoc-guidelines/

Intensive Session/Intersession Curriculum Action Request Form – Use this form to submit a proposal for a General Education course to be offered in an intensive session (four weeks or less).

Intensive Session/Intersession Evaluation Form – If your Gen Ed course has been provisionally approved for the intensive session, you must submit this form to GEOC after each semester.

Sample Course Proposals

The proposals posted here are exemplary in that they explicitly address each relevant criterion and also provide sufficient detail showing how the course will meet each relevant criterion.