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GEOC Subcommittee Members

2016-2017 Academic Year

Please note that subcommittee membership may change.

CA1 Arts & Humanities
Michael Bradford, Co-Chair
Gustavo Nanclares, Co-Chair
Rebecca Rumbo
[Currently seeking new members}

CA2 Social Sciences
Olivier Morand, Co-Chair (term ending this Spring)
Michael Morrell, Co-Chair
David Atkin
Kenneth Lachlan
Elizabeth Holzer

CA3 Science & Technology
Tom Meyer, Co-chair
Bernard Goffinet, Co-Chair
David Perry
Richard Mancini

CA4 Diversity & Multiculturalism
Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, Co-Chair
Joseph Abramo, Co-Chair
Mary Ellen Junda
Mark Kohan

Arthur Engler, Co-Chair
Steve Zinn, Co-Chair (term ending this Spring)
Douglas Kaufman
Thomas Long
Beth Ginsberg (New Co-chair beginning Fall 2017)

Fatma Selampinar, Co-Chair (term ending this Spring)
David Gross, Co-Chair
Jennifer Tufts
James Cole (New Co-chair beginning Fall 2017)
Kun Chen

Computer Technology
Not currently active

Information Literacy
Anji Seth, Co-Chair
Scott Campbell, Co-Chair (term ending this Spring)
Shelley Goldstein
Andrea Hubbard
Kathy Labadorf
Carolyn Lin

Second Language
Ana Maria Diaz-Marcos, C0-Chair
Manuela Wagner, Co-Chair
Brian Boecherer
Rajeev Bansal

Not currently active